Personal Tax Season 2020

Items to Bring

□ Rental Receipts

□ Property Tax Statements

□ Medical (expenses/ appointments)
-Appointment confirmations
-Pharmacy Prescription Statement

□ Donation Receipts
-must have a Registered Charity Number

□ Political Contribution Receipts

□ Investment Statements/Receipts-
Showing Adjusted Cost Base 

□ Professional or Union Dues

□ Tool Expense (apprentice mechanics,
journeymen, etc.)

□ Interest paid on Government Student Loans

□ Moving Expenses
-hotel/room rental, km’s travelled, meals receipts, House Sale/Purchase Receipts

□ Office In-Home Expense Receipts

□ Employment Slips (T4)

□ Tuition (T2202A) *slips must be printed off from school websites*

□ RRSP contributions (T4RSP)

□ Interest, Dividends and Mutual Funds (T3, T5, T5008)

□ Employment Insurance (T4E)

□ Old Age Security, CPP Benefits and other pensions and annuities (T4AOAS, T4AP, T4A)

□ Social Assistance Payments or Worker’s Compensation Benefits (T5007)