Personal Tax Season 2021

tax preparation

Packages and Pricing

The Ultimate Package 

  • Preferred Package+

  • Return Completion in 2 days
    *once all required information has been received* 

  • Delivery of completed returns within 100km of Brandon 

  • Resolution of Disputes with CRA for $50.00 per hour

Now Accepting!


Preferred Package



  • Priority status over Basic Package returns

  • Free form completion (OAS, Manitoba Pharmacare, etc.)

  • Free T1 adjustments and completion of (re)Assessments

  • Resolution of disputes with CRA for $125.00 per hour

  • Pre & Post Assessment Review Completion

  • One Full Copy of Income Tax Return (T1 General) upon completion of return.

17 and Under  - $50.00 incl. tax

**Please note all returns involving farms, small business, rental units, self-employed, long-haul trucking etc. will be subject to additional fees. **

Basic Package

 $125.00  (February 21 to April 22)

 $145.00  (Before February 21 and after April 22)

  • Preparation of basic income tax returns (slips, rent and medical expenses, etc) with information provided by client

  • Tax summary provided upon completion of return.

For possible extra fees associated with the Basic Package please consult the list below:

Extra Fees

*Taxes Extra*

$25.00 - full copy of Tax Return (T1 General)

$70.00 - T1 Adjustments

$250/hour -  Resolution of disputes and ammendments with the Canada Revenue Agency

- Form Completion (GIX, Pharmacare, OAS, etc)

- Re-assessment and Assessment Completion